Cheap Door Installation in Chicago

Handy Squad provides quality door installation for residential entry doors, patio doors, storm doors, and sidelight doors.We can install and replace any outdoor and interior doors with ease. Replacing residential doors is simple with the expert crew of door installers at Handy Squad.

Security Storm Door
If you are looking for even more security than a storm door can provide, look into getting a security storm door. This extra secure door has the same energy savings and ventilation capabilities of a traditional storm door, but security storm doors also have a heavy deadbolt for added security.

Patio Doors
Handy Squad can install a patio door independently or along with the installation of an entry door. We can provide you with the exterior services you need for your home - no matter how many services you require. Patio doors in Chicago and suburbs that have broken seals or have lost their insulation properties should be replaced with energy efficient patio door solutions.

Sidelight Doors
Framing your doorway, sidelights offer a grand appearance for any entrance way.  Whether you prefer only a single sidelight or transom or windows on both sides of your doorway, our professionals can help you find the design that best suits your home.

No matter what you choose, getting the right installation will be the key to long lasting satisfaction with your door decision.
Replacement doors is long term investments in your home. You can rely on Handy Squad for superior service and lasting value.
Our professionals are the most skilled and experienced installers to ensure the highest standard of quality service and earn your family's business for generations. Our doors installers are highly trained, certified industry professionals with years of experience.

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