Cheap Flooring Service in Chicago

Handy Squad is crew of professionals who provide high quality residential and commercial flooring solutions. Our company is providing cheap flooring service in Chicago and whole complex of hardwood services, including installation and supply.

Hardwood Floor
Handy Squad is your guide of hardwood installation. Our professionals do hardwood job using top quality equipment and materials. In our job we apply only modern techniques. Our crew could do for your hardwood floor any services such as sanding, finishing, staining or refinishing.

Laminate installation is easy process and usually means reasonable prices. And it’s hard to find better professional team to get project done than Handy Squad. Our crew members have big experience and necessary techniques to complete project on time and money budget.

Our professionals very like tiling and they are ready to bring new beautiful look in your bathroom or kitchen. We suggest extraordinary tile design. Our crew installs tile for any spaces in your apartment, office or home. We easy install tile for your shower or kitchen walls and floors. Our team works with different tile materials.

Do you like very quick and simple floor installation? If yes, vinyl flooring installation by Handy Squad is new fabulous view of your floor at reasonable pricing. Our team is profy in this field, which providing latest tendency and designs.

Getting the perfect carpet for your home or office is only one step from you. Our team has big experience in carpet replacement and carpet installation. Before start the project we make sure that your new carpet fits to your tasks and wishes. We do carpet installation at affordable prices, so you should not worry about anything, especially about price. Our specialists have big experience in the flooring field. There are a lot of crew members who have a list of achievements as sanders, finishers, installers. All our team is waiting to install your new laminate, hardwood floor, tile or vinyl at your apartment, home or office. We use only high quality flooring equipment to provide you with perfect result at affordable prices. Handy Squad is currently working in Chicago and Chicagoland. Usually we finish our projects for 2-3 days, depending on square footage. You may use your floors immediately after job is done. Call us today or send email about what you need to do!

Our company also offers additional services for customers.

Refinishing and Sanding
Our specialists have big experience at hardwood floor sanding. They always sand very carefully layer by layer to reach any hard spaces in your home or office. For getting perfect result our team provides three types of floor sanding. On every project we check floor for cracks and scratches. Our team uses only dustless floor equipment, which collects up to 99 percents of dust. We really take care about our customers and do everything possible to bring perfect results in hardwood sanding and refinishing.

Filling Cracks and Gaps
Changes of humidity and temperature in Chicagoland and Chicago can be reason of tightening and expansion of the floor. Therefore little gaps and cracks could appear. When we do refinishing we always examine gaps and cracks. If we find any - we complete all of them to ensure best result.

Applying Stain
Floor staining and finishing are the most important actions. Because these steps demonstrate character of wood. We have team of pros who always choose the perfect stains and do job on top level.

Applying Finish
We really care about result of our job. That's why we cover floor very evenly. Our crew use professional equipment and use brush which is made from lamb's wool. After job is done we double check floor to make sure that there is no dust or fibers.

Moving Furniture
You want to change your previous flooring and to place new one, but you worry about your furniture? Handy Squad moves furniture in safety place, we can handle that. Just call us or email and we do everything that you get best result.

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