Painting of living room and bedroom in Chicago

Painting is almost constantly a problem that owners fear. But it’s one of the reasonable and cheapest way to improve the appearance of your living room or bedroom. New color of paint could instantly change spirit and mood of interior in your bedroom or living room. Although the painting does not need big effort, you should know some rules before start painting of¬†living room and bedroom, which could help you to do job in easiest way.

1. The right preparation of the room
Many people know that the less furniture in the room – the easier to paint the room. The best variant is that your bedroom or living room is empty. If your room is not empty, you need to put your furniture to the middle of the living room or bedroom and put old sheets or clothing on the top. After your moved furniture you need to check your walls. Usually walls have dust, oils or dirt. If you do not see these spots it does not mean that walls have not them. Anyway you should remove dust before you start painting. Also don’t forget to fill in holes, scratches or cracks.

2. Find out what quantity of paint you need to buy
To understand what quantity of paint you need is very significant thing, because if you buy not enough paint you have to lose time and buy more paint. And if you buy more than necessary it means that you spend more money and you have to store remains of paint somewhere. To determine the exact quantity of paint the easiest way is to use paint calculator on different websites. To use calculator you should know size (walls’ width and height) of your bedroom or living room. Also you should decide how many coats of paint you prefer. FYI we also recommend to prime walls before painting. The primer will protect walls from flashing or a glossy spots, which take place when paint is put right on spackling. So don’t forget to buy primer too.

3. Painting process
Before painting you need use tape for outlets, tumbler switch, door and window trims, baseboards and adjoining walls. Put old clothes, newspapers, or a roll of paper on the floor. When you are done with covering, you need at first to brush before rolling. Attentively use a well brush to paint near an inch and half out from the ceiling, different corners, and the baseboards. The roller could not reach these areas, that’s why you need use brush. Then use roller and use W pattern way. It means that your roller should repeat letter “W” and after that paint space that remained unpainted.

In a some time you could see and enjoy your brilliant painting and new look of your living room or bedroom. You can do it all by yourself. But we recommend to entrust interior painting to professionals.

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  • Melvin Cohen

    What is the easiest way to choose a paint color for the house?

    • Handy Squad

      There are a few simple ways that make it easy to choose paint for your home. You can see color of paint which you like at home’s of friends or acquaintances. Once you see this color you can download the application ColorSnap Visualizer on the phone itself from the company Sherwin-Williams. After you install it, take a picture of a wall or ceiling with a color you like and upload the photo to the application. The app immediately suggest you similar colors, which are commercially available from Sherwin-Williams. Then you only need to go to the store and buy the paint or order it online. The second method involves viewing specific catalogs that have nice room’s pictures with examples of colors. In the catalog you can find the names of the colors and also their price.

  • Jim

    And what about guarantee on your work?

    • Handy Squad

      We give guarantee to our work for 1 year.

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