49 Interior Painting Tips. Paint Your House Like a Pro!

To get perfect painting in your apartment, house or office you should hire professional company, which knows everything about interior painting. The company knows how many coats of paint need put on walls or ceilings, do your trims or window frames need new paint or just need a little bit touch up. But sometimes there is such situation when you don’t have enough budget to hire professional company or maybe you don’t need them because you need just to touch up couple things in your room. In Handy Squad we understand it and that’s why decide to help you.

We collected the ultimate list of tips, tricks and hacks about house painting. This list helps you to know how paint different things in cartoon box, how lift heavy furniture, how to store paint and others useful things that you with a high probability don’t know. These tips can save your money, time and help you to avoid stress. Enjoy our list “49 Interior Painting Tips”. It’s really the biggest collection of advice in Internet.

1. Use a lint roller on paint roller to clean from fluff


2. Before you start painting take a Swiffer to your walls

It helps to remove dust and dirty spots from your walls.


3. Use plastic bag to line your paint tray

Don’t use aluminum foil!


4. Cut a milk jug to make paint tray and brush holder

Save some money on paint tray and brush holder.


5. Insert nails or screws to chair or table legs


6. Protect important stuff with plastic wrap

If you won’t for example to move furniture use plastic wrap


7. Cut off edges of used roller

Do you have used roller and don’t want to buy new? If yes, this tip is for you.


8. Use kit from Martha Stewart to make spray from acrylic paint

Use spray instead paint when you need to touch up small spaces.


9. Paint walls using “W” or “Zig-Zag” technique

This technique allow obtain evenly staining


10. Use Vaseline on surfaces which you won’t to paint

It’s really hard to use blue paint on small units. Just grease screw, nail, heck or lock with Vaseline.


11. With pimple pads you can clean small paint drops

These pads contain an alcohol which dissolves a paint


12. Cotton swabs it’s simple way to paint really small surfaces

Best tool when you need to paint in difficult reach places.


13. Place your paint tape in microwave for 10 seconds if it won’t roll without peeling

Do not overheat!


14. Use vinegar to wipe metal before paint it


15. Wrap your rollers or brushes in plastic if your need to make break

Always try to give yourself a break, but don’t forget that paint can quickly dry out.


16. Paint your stuff in cartoon box if you use spray

Perhaps, the easiest way to paint some stuff using spray.


17. Fix uneven baseboards with caulk


18. Rubber band it’s the simplest way to wipe excess paint

If brush has a lot of paint, the more likely that the surface could be painted is uneven.


19. Here’s a frugal paint-saving roller trick

If you could save some paint, why do not take it?


20. Wipe the dried paint with paper

Use regular paper bag to dry surface after painting.


21. Use Rubbermaid Paint Buddy to easy touch-up

This tool much more easier for non-professional to touch up some places.


22. Slobproof! pen – for painting minor scratches

Use this pen for filling out and fixing minor scratches.


23. Paint tape allows to draw perfectly straight lines

If you need to draw straight lines, always use paint tape. It helps you to get perfect straight lines.


24. Remove blue tape at an 45° angle to clean line

When job is done, simply remove tape at an 45 degree angle and you could see the result of your pains.


25. Hot water it’s not enough to clean brushes now. Use warm vinegar

Don’t worry about cleaning brushes after painting. Just use warm vinegar to get quick clean brushes.


26. Fix damaged baseboards with caulk

Have a minor damages at baseboards? Use caulk instead paint.


27. Pringles can it’s simple way to store (in the refrigerator) rollers overnight

If you need to do painting job on next day, you may not waste time to clean roller. You can use Pringles box to store your roller at fridge.


28. Wrap wool around the paint roller and you’ll get this lovely dappled effect

It’s very simple way to get unusual pattern.


29. Get the wallpapered look easily with patterned paint rollers

Use patterned paint to reach wallpaper effect or to give your walls refinement.


30. Clean your brush with fabric softener

Can’t imagine that it can work? Just try and you will see that we were right.


31. Use this app to choose color of the paint

Don’t know what color to choose for your bedroom or living room? This app is very easy to use.


32. Estimate how much paint do you need with this calculator

Don’t waste money buying too many paint and don’t waste time if you need to buy more paint. Figure out how many exactly paint you need.


33. Cover with aluminum foil door handles

Aluminum foils save your door handles from paint and necessity of cleaning.


34. Heat up paint tape with a hair dryer and it will come off more easily

Do not waste the extra power to come off paint tape. Use regular hair dryer.


35. Save leftover paint for the future needs

Who knows when you need a bit of paint that color.


36. Pour several cans of paint in a large bucket for a consistent color throughout the room

Use large bucket to get consistent color for all your room. Rid yourself from necessity to do consistent color several times. Do it just once.


37. Save your time. Scrape (don’t tape) windows

In some cases this way maybe more efficient.


38. Work with a telescoping paint pole

Use telescoping paint pole instead stands, table or chairs to reach high places.


39. Buy a paint sample before buying the gallon

Don’t hurry to buy gallons of paint. Buy just sample and see how this color looks on your walls or ceiling.


40. You can donate leftover paint to someone. This site can help you to do it

If you have leftover paint after job is done and you are sure that you don’t need it more, donate it. There are a lot of people and organizations which need your paint.


41. You don’t necessarily have to remove old wallpaper

In some cases you may leave your old wallpaper and put paint on them.


42. Grey is new white in 2015!


43. Use Briwax to quick fix for sticky doors and windows

It helps very easy and quick to clean, stain and polish your wood doors and windows after painting.


44. Always use mask/respirator and glasses

Accident prevention it’s really important.


45. Choose paint that has no or low VOCs

Different paint has various level of VOCs (Volatile organic compound). We strongly recommend to buy paint with no or low VOCs.


46. Break the “rules”

Explore the Internet for ideas and inspiration


47. For heavier pieces, use bed risers

If you need to lift heavy furniture, don’t use your strength. Just use bed riser for this purpose.


48. Make a long-reach paint pad for tight spaces.

You can use the usual ruler and cotton sponge.


49. To store paint, cover the open can with plastic wrap to keep the lid from sticking.

And one more. Write paint color on the cap.



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    […] We collected the ultimate list of tips, tricks and hacks about house painting. Enjoy our list “49 Interior Painting Tips”. It’s really the biggest collection of advice in Internet.  […]

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